Elf Bar BB3500 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Review

Elf Bar BB3500 Vape Review

Elf Bar BB3500 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Review



We have walked through the Elf Bar vape reviews in previous blogs: ELF BAR BC5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape as well as Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape in previous blogs; so we are going to take a little deeper dive on other favorites from Elf Bar Collection - Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable vapes. 

ELF BAR BB3500 Rechargeable Disposable


The Elf Bar BB3500 Rechargeable Disposable Device utilizes the latest and greatest in vaping technology in the rechargeable disposable vape device. These portable, easy to use vape devices come prefilled with 11ml of Nic salt vape juice and has a rechargeable 650mAh battery to get you through the day on a single charge via USB-C charging cable that is not included with purchase.






  • Heating Element: Mesh Coil
  • E-liquid Capacity: 10.5ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml or 5%
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Puffs: 3500 puffs
  • Charging Port: Micro-USB


Elf Bar BB3500 Disposable is sure to provide you with a throat hit and flavor from every inhale and exhale. It allows you to expect approximately 3500 puffs. It is draw-activated and you can entirely tailor your vape experience, coupled with its sleek compact body, you will find that it is facile to work on it.


Feels so good in your hand, with its silicone texture and fat little cut design delivers ultimate using experience. The mesh coil makes it also come together with maximum performance and 3500 puffs you can depend on. This brand new disposable vape from Elf Bar comes in a multitude of great flavors to deliver more enjoyment. 




    • Blue Razz Ice: Fabulous concoction with blue razz candy flavor and a bone-chilling menthol flavor.


    • Cranberry Soda: Load your mouth with a fun and exciting flavor that is neither too sweet nor too sour with a bubble.


    • Strawberry Sundae: Sweet rush of vanilla ice cream balanced with candy flavors of strawberry.


    • Watermelon Bubble Gum: Exhale with the gentle aroma of watermelon and the right ratio of the bubblegum blast.


    • Watermelon Ice: Sugary sweetness of watermelon and an ice-cold rush of menthol leave you blowing clouds of ice sickle


    • Mango Peach: Well-blended with juicy mango and fresh sweetness of the peach.


    • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Tropical blend of sour Kiwi with passion fruit and guava fruits into your mouth for a perfect summer day, making me feel like I'm on the beach relaxing next to the waves.


    • Blueberry Jam: Taste like a buttery toast with a generous serving of sweet blueberry. Really recommend if you enjoy cake, dessert or pastry fruit flavors.


    • Grape: It tastes good. Rich and strong sweet fruit flavor through throat and could hit good airflow. amazing flavors, lasting much longer.


    • Pineapple Coconut: Tropical flavor of sweet like the coconut water with pieces of pineapple giving a slightly tangy, sweet taste for a warm, sunny energy.


    • Cotton CandyThe hit is real smooth and the flavor isn’t overwhelming. Lights up bright enough when hit it to light up a room.


    • Energy: A jolt of Energy and easiest way to describe how every hit taste like yet no caffeine rush.