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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Sauce LA

The Sauce LA 60ML/120ML Vape Juice (Additional 30ML chubby bottle included)

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VG/PG: 80/20

Capone 120ML 

The Sauce LA Capone e-Juice is a fruity hoop cereal juice for vape with a perfect blend of fruitiness and creaminess to re-create the best breakfast cereal experience.  We capture the essence of opening a new box of fruity cereal on the inhale and milk-soaked cereal at the bottom of the bowl on the exhale and palate.

Vanilla Bean Cream 120ML 

Vanilla Bean Cream vape juice has a rich vanilla flavor, with smooth notes of coffee and decadent whipped cream. It's just like how I prepare my morning coffee. It all starts with a rich, dark brew. Simmer that coffee pot up to 200 degrees and let it drip. I pour out a huge mug and leave plenty of room for what's to come. That's right - loads of vanilla creamer and sugar. You'll love the frothy goodness of this tasty coffee vape juice!

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino 120ML 

Sweet caramel hits your palate first, rich and full-bodied. On the exhale, you're treated to brusque notes of a perfectly press-brewed cup of coffee, with just a touch of cream and sugar. There's a clear and satisfying distinction between the sweet, sugary notes of caramel and waffle and the rich and succulent flavors of cappuccino and cream.

Open Road 120ML 

A perfect blend of sweet, gooey and rich caramel infused rice cereal vape juice with subtle notes of marshmallow flavor. The perfect e-liquid for any road trip.
 Pre-steeped to perfection, Open Road, a HIGH VG flavor, is an all day vape that will make you want to hook up an IV pump of it directly to your arm. It's that good. Best Original Marshmallow Rice Cereal Vape Juice for an all day vape.

Awesometown Series 60ML

Julius Oranges 

Before it became a suburban utopia, Awesometown was one massive orange grove. Introducing Orange Julius - a perfect blend of oranges, milk, and cream.
You'll love the delectable balance between ripe citrus and sweet, milky cream. This vape juice washes your whole tongue in flavor. You can taste a delicious orange at your middle palate just as the cream fills the rest of your senses.

Raspberry Rapture

Raspberries are known for their bold taste - sweet yet tangy. They are delicious on their own, however, in Awesometown, we like things, well, awesome. That's why we have paired succulent raspberries with a gummy bear and worm candy to make the most awesome raspberry e-liquid flavor ever created! This vape juice is divine!

Garden Watermelon

Reminiscent of summer this Watermelon vape juice is sure to bring back memories of carefree youth. The sweet watermelon is vibrant and slightly candied while the twist of kiwi and the slightest hint of strawberry add a refreshing twist that will keep you wanting more.

Purple Powder

Purple Powder vape juice is a tangy grape candy flavor - it's a vibrant, in-your-face e-Liquid flavor that you need to vape right now!

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