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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Blitz Nicotine Salt Pods for J**l (Upgraded Version)



Blitz pods are compatible with the J**L and have a nicotine salt formula for a smooth, satisfying inhale. You can buy Blitz pods in two nicotine strengths 5% and 6.5%, and they are available in packs of 4.  The pod capacity is 0.7ml. 

Now we have the improved version of the Blitz Pods leak proof and easier to use.

The Variety Pack includes: Havana, Berry Kingdom, Mango and White Russian.

Blitz Blueberry pods are ideal for lovers of fresh blueberry flavor, delivering a juicy fruit vape that perfectly captures the inimitable taste of blueberry. 

The pure taste of Watermelon will linger on your tongue long after you take a few puffs on the Watermelon Blitz Pods. These pods offer a forceful, fruity wave of watermelon with a slight undertone of candy-like sweetness that comes in at the end of the exhale.

Blitz Berry Kinkdom Pods joins forces with invigorating strawberry, blackberry and raspberry to make a delicious vape pod that fits right into J**l devices to give you 0.7 ml of yummy nicotine salt e-liquid.

Blitz Pineapple Pods are Pineapple flavored pods that have a strong 5.0% nicotine strength and are filled with 0.7mL of pineapple nicotine salt juice in each pod.

Blitz Strawberry pods are the perfect choice for fruit fans. Full of vibrant strawberry flavor, Blitz Strawberry pods deliver a sweet and juicy vape. Pick up a pack of Strawberry pods today and discover this classic flavor - now with nicotine salts for extra satisfaction.

An Ideal tobacco flavored choice for people trying to quit smoking or curb their traditional cigarette intake. The Blitz Creamy Tobacco pods infused flavor combines rich tobacco flavoring with a delicate creamy after taste.

Blitz Berry Mint pods are a strong fruit mint flavor that makes for one cool vape. A fusion of blueberries and the minty freshness of chilly peppermint gives this vape juice a refreshing bite.

Blitz Cool Mint pods are the ideal flavor for any fan of ice-cold menthol. This menthol flavor nicotine salt tastes like clean, pure mint that's free of the chemical aftertaste that is common with so many minty flavors. You'll feel incredibly refreshed after every puff. When you inhale Blitz Cool Mint pods, that minty breeze sweeps across the tongue, soaking every taste bud in icy splendor. The mint flavor then runs down your throat, soothing it with its chilliness. On the exhale, the mint cools down your whole mouth.

Blitz Russian Cream pods are the classic flavor of coffee and vodka with a hint of cream.

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