Glas 75mL E-Juice
Sweet, juicy guava, a medley of season-fresh berries and a splash of pink lemonade – a tropical paradise.
Vg / Pg: 70% / 30%
Aroma: Sweet guava, pink lemonade, and soft violet
Inhale: Sweet juicy guava with an explosion of tropical fruit punch and citrus
Exhale: Honey ginger, sweet guava, & pink lemonade
Finish: Sweet guava, strawberry citrus, and soft violet
Glas 75mL E-Juice
A sophisticated dessert blend of fruit cereal and macaroon, Pebbles boasts a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavor with a sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale.
Vg / Pg: 70% / 30%
Aroma: Layered with hints of milk, citrus, cream, & corn flake
Inhale: Crisp vanilla macaroon and condensed milk
Exhale: Fruit infused cereal and sweet cream
Finish: Lingering with hints of citrus and crisp macaron
Glas 75mL E-Juice
A smooth and complex blend of strawberries and sweet cream.
Vg / Pg: 70% / 30%
Aroma: Sweet strawberries and fresh cream with hints of Madagascar vanilla.
Inhale: Creamy Madagascar vanilla, condensed milk, and sweet strawberries
Exhale: Fresh cream and berries
Finish: Full with hints of caramel & fresh berries
Glas 75mL E-Juice
Freshly-baked layers of buttery pastry meets a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla – your favorite donut redefined.
Vg / Pg: 70% / 30%
Aroma: Sophisticated buttery pastry, maple, brown sugar & Madagascar vanilla
Inhale: Warm buttery pastry, Madagascar vanilla, and brown sugar
Exhale: Sweet cinnamon, butter caramel, and maple
Finish: Caramelized sugar, buttery caramel, and light pastry