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Heron Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer



- Hybrid connection with M20x1 threading
- The M20x1 mm to 510 threading connector permits it to be used with 510 mods
- The M20x1 mm to M21x1 mm threading conversion ring permits it to be used with M21x1 mm threading mods
- Uses the special designed contact pin for the connection to the battery, a simple approach eliminating any need for adjusting the positive post in relation to the battery and the atomizer
- Air flow control ring with 3 air holes on the base
- There is a ring that screws on the base, which will hold the main body. You could also fit the 'topper' on the top of the ring if you are going to use cotton
- 22mm diameter
- Height without drip tip: 57.8mm