Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Review: The Ultimate Pod Vape for Heavy Vapers

Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Review: The Ultimate Pod Vape for Heavy Vapers

If you’re a heavy vaper, you know that finding a pod that meets your needs can be a challenge. Most vapes have small batteries and e-liquid capacities, which means you have to refill them frequently and charge them frequently.

 Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 Puffs

The Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 is the perfect choice for the serious vaper. It has a long battery life of up to 7,500 puffs and a large e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml. This means you can use your e-cigarette throughout the day without having to worry about running out of battery or e-liquid.


Best Flavors

Flavor is actually very personal, and it is impossible to make a unified comparison.Some of the best flavors for the Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500 include:


This is a classic flavor that is perfect for vapers who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes. It has a smooth, rich flavor that is not too sweet or too strong.


If you’re a fan of sweet desserts, then you’ll love the dessert flavors for the Orion Bar 7500. Some popular dessert flavors include crème brûlée, chocolate, and cheesecake.


This is a refreshing flavor that is perfect for vapers who want a cool and crisp vape. It has a strong menthol taste that can help to clear your sinuses and freshen your breath.

Creamy: These flavors are smooth and rich, and they are perfect for vapers who want a more decadent vaping experience. Some popular creamy flavors include vanilla custard, hazelnut, and tiramisu.


Fruity: There are many different fruit flavors available for the Orion Bar 7500, so you can find one that you love. Some popular fruit flavors include strawberry, watermelon, and mango.


The Lost Vape Orion Bar  7500 is the perfect pod vape for heavy vapers. It has all the features you need for a satisfying vaping experience, and it comes in a variety of colors and flavors to choose from.