Review Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH 20K Disposable - 20000 Puffs Vapors Super Large Screen

Review Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH 20K with VapoRider

If you are in search of a convenient disposable pod product with a variety of flavors and adjustable burning modes, Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a newly launched product from Digiflavor, a renowned brand of high-quality vape devices. Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a combination of two brands, Digiflavor and Geekbar, both of which are subsidiaries of the world's leading vape pod system manufacturer, Geekvape. Explore the Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH with VapoRider!



Product introduction


The Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a disposable pod product that requires no battery charging, coil changing, or oil refilling. Simply purchase, open, and enjoy its wonderful taste. This compact product is easy to hold and comes in a variety of colors. Take it with you anywhere and vape anytime.

Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a disposable pod



Super large screen


The screen also serves as a decorative element. This disposable pod device has a large screen on the body to monitor the capacity of the battery and the oil, as well as the burning mode. When in use, the device provides additional effects while smoking.   This small detail has significantly improved the user experience, elevating it from a cheap disposable pod product to a high-end pod system.



Futuristic design


The Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH boasts a futuristic design that is both simple and luxurious, while also offering unique and advanced features. Its large LED screen displays the number of vape sessions, burn mode, and remaining battery capacity, which can be easily checked by looking at the screen or pressing the fire button twice. Additionally, the screen has an automatic shut-off function after 10 seconds of non-use to save battery life.

Additionally, the Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH has a unique feature that allows for switching between two burning modes: Regular Mode and Dynamic Mode.Regular Mode enables up to 20,000 puffs with a stable power level, while Dynamic Mode allows for up to 10,000 puffs with the power level adjusting based on the amount of air drawn in. You can select the mode that best suits your preferences by pressing the fire button three times. The machine will display details of the burning mode being used through various images on the screen.



Outstanding features


The Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH boasts several exceptional features, with the dual mesh coil heating core being the most prominent. This new technology from Digiflavor produces copious amounts of smoke, rich flavor, and high durability.The dual mesh coil burner core comprises two layers of stainless steel mesh and is covered by a layer of organic cotton. The inner mesh coil has a resistance of 1.2ohm, which increases thermal conductivity and creates rich flavor. The organic cotton layer retains essential oils and prevents dry hits.





Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH has many flavors to choose from, from fruity, to creamy, to mint, to tobacco. Each flavor has its own color, so you can easily identify it. Here are some of Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH's most iconic flavors:

Strawberry Ice Cream: Strawberry ice cream flavor is sweet, cool, and greasy. Pink.
Blue Razz Ice: Sweet and sour blueberry flavor, combined with cool mint. Color: blue.
Mango Ice: Ripe, rich, and cool mango flavor. Color: yellow.
Banana Ice: Sweet, soft, and cool banana flavor. Color: light yellow.
Peach Ice: Delicious, sweet, and cool peach flavor. Color: light pink.
Grape Ice: The flavor of purple grapes is refreshing, sweet and sour, and cool. Color: purple.
Watermelon Ice: Crisp, sweet, refreshing, and cool watermelon flavor. Color: green.
Lush Ice: Delicious muskmelon flavor, combined with cool mint. Color: light green.
Tobacco: Traditional, rich, and harmonious tobacco flavor. Color: brown.

Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a disposable pod



Protection feature


The Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is equipped with a practical protection feature for daily use - an automatic shut-off mechanism.If you take a continuous breath for about 6 seconds, the device will automatically shut off to prevent overuse. This feature is particularly useful since most disposable pod machines have a low nicotine content, allowing users to smoke continuously without fear of getting sore. Therefore, many people use the pod once, which can easily cause the device to burn the core.



Digiflavor Geekbar LUSH is a disposable pod product that offers a unique smoking experience. The dual burning core of 2 mesh coils provides a powerful burning ability, resulting in an exciting vaping experience.It boasts a minimalist design and comes in a variety of color combinations to suit different styles.

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