Review of InstaBar WT 15000 - Disposable Pod with Ergonomic Design

Review of Insabar WT 15000 - Disposable Pod with Ergonomic Design

Product introduction

Instabar is a new brand that offers disposable pod devices with a simple yet effective design. These devices are ideal for those who prefer a delicate taste without being too picky. Instabar has grown and now offers many different versions of disposable pods with various features and powerful technology for vaping. Today, PodZ introduces the latest one-time pod version of the Instabar family: the Instabar WT 15000. This device is designed entirely with impact-resistant plastic and features flexible rubber positions.

The high rebound not only enhances the appearance of the machine but also reduces the impact force on the device, making it extremely durable. The company offers a disposable pod version with a suction capacity of up to 15,000 breaths and an oil capacity of up to 20ml. The pod has an integrated battery with a capacity of 800mAh and can be quickly charged using the Type-C port.   Instabar WT 15000 also includes other interesting features and technologies. Let's explore what's in this disposable pod version with PodZ.


Appearance design

The Instabar WT 15000 has a rectangular box shape with curved corners for comfortable daily use. The camera body comes in soft pastel color schemes, creating a cool and unique look that attracts attention. The camera body features a high-quality rubber material at its center, adorned with the company's logo. This design element serves as a prominent highlight, making the camera visually appealing to those around it. In addition, the Instabar WT 15000 features an OLED screen that displays important information about the disposable pod, including oil and battery capacity shown as percentages. The screen also shows the burning mode and number of active mesh coils, allowing for easier observation and monitoring of the device.


Two burning modes

This disposable pod version offers two burning modes with different power levels: S Mode (Single Mode) and B Mode (Boost Mode). S Mode has a maximum power level of 11W per mesh coil and automatically alternates between the two mesh coils to prolong the life of the combustion core and provide the best taste experience. B Mode has a maximum power level of 22W on two mesh coils. When using this mode, two mesh coils will be burned simultaneously, resulting in a stronger flavor and smoke. However, in B Mode, the number of suction breaths will be reduced from 15,000 canoe breaths to 7,500 breaths.


10 different flavors

Instabar WT 15000 currently offers 10 unique flavors, each with its own distinct color scheme. The device features pastel tones and gentle, friendly colors to enhance the user experience.


Amount of suction

The machine has a large essential oil capacity of up to 20ml of salt essential oil. It can produce a maximum of 15,000 steams (when using S mode), providing a long-lasting experience that can last up to 10 days before the flavor begins to fade.

The combustion core is dual mesh.Instabar utilizes a mesh coil burner with Dual Mesh technology, providing powerful and durable performance even when the essential oil is used to the last drop. The use of two mesh coils offers a more realistic experience of the pre-filled essential oil flavors. Additionally, the WT15000 offers two burning modes to enhance the experience.

Insabar WT 15000 Disposable Pod


Wind adjustment mechanism

The windadjustment mechanism on this disposable pod version is designed in a sophisticated manner. Instead of using a switch like many other brands, Instabar has designed a rotating button in the shape of a gear to produce multiple air levels. This allows for a seamless transition between MTL and DTL suctions.


Battery capacity

The Instabar WT 15000 is equipped with a high-capacity 800mAh rechargeable battery, which allows for long-lasting use without frequent recharging.It can be charged multiple times and used for up to four days before needing to be recharged again.   The device will continue to use the Type-C charging port, which is currently the standard for electronic devices.