Types of Vape Demystified: An Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right One

Types of Vape Demystified

Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented vaping in 2003 to inhale evaporated nicotine solutions. It is a change from combustible tobacco products. Thus, this invention has spread to types of vape devices, from first-generation cig-a-likes to advanced personal vaporizers. The use of vaping has swiftly become popular as a substitute for conventional smoking, offering a diverse range of devices catering to different preferences. This ultimate guide will explore the common types of vapes and provide valuable insights on choosing the right vape for your needs.


Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable vape


Common Vape Types

  1. Vape Pen

Vape pens are slim among the types of vape, use internal batteries, and are pen-shaped. These gadgets blend the simplicity of use and performance with a single button or inhalation activation. Vape pens often include refillable tanks and changeable coils. Users may pick coils that emphasize taste or vapor production to customize their vaping experience.


  1. Disposable Vapes

Among the types of vape, single-use disposable vapes with pre-filled e-liquid reservoirs and pre-charged batteries are expedient and easy to use. When the e-liquid or battery dies, the unit is discarded. These devices come in several flavors and nicotine concentrations for tastes. People seeking to transition from smoking to vaping opt for disposable options, which require no maintenance.


Priv Bar Disposable Vape


  1. Box Mod

Box mods, being advanced vapes with customizable wattage and power settings, are favored by vaping enthusiasts. Compared to other atomizers, the majority of vapers prefer box mod vape kits due to features like extended battery life and increased durability.


  1. Pod System

Pod systems, a compact and user-friendly category within the types of vape, are available in closed pre-filled pods and open refillable pods. This variety offers a well-rounded combination of convenience and flavor. With higher nicotine concentrations and a smoother throat hit for nicotine salts, pod systems provide a pleasant nicotine experience with minimal maintenance, making them particularly suitable for smokers transitioning to vaping within the types of vape.


  1. Rebuildable Atomizers

For skilled vapers who want to design their coils and wicks, rebuildable atomizers are the most customizable option within the types of vape. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, and Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers balance flavor improvement and vapor output differently. Users may customize their vaping experience by tinkering with coil designs and wicking for their taste and cloud production preferences.


Choosing the Right Vape: What to Consider

  1. Nicotine Strength and E-liquid Compatibility

When considering the types of vape for your needs, choose the one based on nicotine intensity and e-liquid compatibility. Users desiring a throat hit like conventional cigarettes should pick a vaporizer that supports nicotine salts with higher nicotine concentrations. Conversely, devices compatible with freebase nicotine e-liquids are best for cloud chasing or a smoother experience. The VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid also affects compatibility. High-VG liquids are thicker and need a sub-ohm tank. Meanwhile, high-VG liquids work well with advanced, high-wattage devices.


  1. Power Source and Battery Life

Regarding the types of vapes, power supply, and battery life are essential for vaping enjoyment and duration. Replaceable batteries allow devices powered by external batteries to be used indefinitely. Vapes with integrated batteries are small and convenient, but their mAh rating may restrict use duration. Remember, a larger mAh rating implies longer battery life. Consider upgrades with USB-C fast charging and enough battery capacity for long-term performance.


  1. Ease of Use and Portability

Device portability and simplicity of use affect vaping for many vapers. Vapes with simple interfaces and sturdy construction are easy to use and durable throughout travel.


  1. Brand Reputation

While researching types of vape, brand reputation is key. Your selection criteria should prioritize reputable businesses making trustworthy, safe, high-performing gadgets. Noted for their ingenuity and quality, Vaporider develops pod vapes and mods for beginners and experts. User reviews, industry certifications, and warranty policies might reveal a brand's reputation and customer service. Choose manufacturers with good performance, durability, and after-sales assistance.


Vaping Devices for Different Levels of Vapers

  1. Best Vape for Beginners: Disposable Vape

We know new vapers appreciate simplicity without compromising quality. Consequently, we offer two types of vape for beginners.

  • The GEEK BAR PULSE 15000 Disposable has double mesh coil technology for a smooth draw and 15000 puffs with new flavors. Pulse mode and a rechargeable 650mAh battery make vaping unique.
  • The Priv Bar Turbo 15K Powered by SMOK Disposable Device's Turbo and Normal settings let users adjust vaping intensity. It has a mesh coil and 800mAh rechargeable battery, with 15000 puff capacity in Normal mode and 10000 in Turbo mode. Undoubtedly, it gives beginners flexibility and endurance.


  1. Best Vape for Experts: Box Mod

The GeekVape Legend 2 200W Box Mod gives vapers greater power and control. The innovative Aegis Tri-proof Technology protects the device against water, dust, and shocks. It offers powerful vaping at 200W from two 18650 batteries. A 1.08-inch full-color screen simplifies monitoring and settings. Remember, high performance and sophisticated security features render this mod ideal for vapers who want to personalize their vaping.




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