E- cigarette leaks? Don't worry, teach you how to deal with this problem!

E- cigarette leaks? Don't worry, teach you how to deal with this problem!


Have you ever had a leaking atomizer?

If so, you’re not alone

Leaking tanks are one of the banes of my existence.

It’s not like it really does much harm.

After all, you can just clean it up and get on with your day.

But it’s still one of those annoyances that seems to amplify the longer it’s there, like the constant patter of a dripping tap.

Thankfully, for most tanks, you can fix (or at least reduce) problems with leaking pretty easily, so here are 5 tips for staying leak-free!

1.Refueling too fast or too full (newbies are most likely to commit problems)

One of the most common causes of leaks is actually flooding.

That’s when too much juice gets pulled into your coil for it to vaporize.

Some novice friends are rushing to run the core, quickly adding too much e-liquid, so that the

atomization wick is too saturated, or a part of the e-liquid has not been absorbed by the atomization wick and enter the base, if the e-liquid is too full, there will be leakage.

Solution: The simplest way is to switch to a higher power or voltage setting. This will vaporize more juice per puff, so it can cope with the amount of e-liquid making its way to your coil.

Or try not to add too much when refueling! Generally, cannot exceed 2/3 of the reservoir tank, add as little as possible, add a little less each time, pumping over. This is determined by the structure and working principle of the atomizer.

2.Check Your O-Rings and Replace Them if Needed

It’s not just over-tightening that can lead to issues with O-rings.

They can also degrade or get budged out of position over time, and may just be faulty when you first receive them.

To check your O-rings, take your atomizer or tank apart – this usually just requires unscrewing the various parts – and look for the rubber rings on the atomizer head and at the base of your tank.

You should be able to see if any are degraded or out of position. If they are, remove them– and replace them with fresh ones.

Something like a small flat-head screwdriver, a toothpick or a pair of tweezers can help with this.

Some tanks will come with spares, but if not, you’ll have to buy some more in the correct size.

It’s also worth checking that your O-ring is installed correctly, so everything fits together with no obvious gaps e-liquid can leak through.

Solution: When unscrew the atomizer, the action should be light. So try not to touch the O-ring. If you accidentally remove them, carefully install it and tighten it. If lost or damaged, replace the new one. (The O-ring on the old atomizer can be removed for use.

3.Atomizer connection threads are not tightened

The atomizer refueling portion and the battery rod engaging portion are connected by an O-ring and threads. If the threads are not tightened and the O-ring is not squeezed. So, the e-liquid will definitely leak out

Solution: After tightening the thread, slightly twist it with the appropriate force until it can no longer be screwed. Make sure the thread is fully tightened.


4.Inhale Slowly and Softly, Not Firmly and Sharply

Some novice friends who just touch with e-cigarettes are often complained that always inhaul the liquid in the mouth. It is suspected that the quality of e-cigarettes. In fact, this is the reason of improper use. There’s a core difference between inhaling from a cigarette and from an e-cigarette.  It is that the greater the amount of smoke, the longer it will take to smoke rather than the greater the intensity of smoking, the faster the burning will be. In fact, when you puff sharply on your e-cigarette, you may be pulling liquid into the coil housing faster than it can vaporize it. That leaves you to be sucking some excess liquid up through the Centre tube like a straw – and potentially causing leaking.

Solution: When you smoke e-cigarettes, do not suck the cigarette holder upside down, please keep smoke the cigarette holder up 45 degrees. Do not fast-suck during the suction process. Make your puffs much longer, and don’t worry about inhaling sharply.  Vapor will come even with gentle inhalation, and you won’t flood your atomizer.


5.Long-term placement

If keep the e-liquid in the atomizer for a long time, which also causes e-liquid leak. Because the internal pressure of the atomizer will cause the e-liquid to continue to leak from the base.

Solution: Add as much e-liquid as possible to your own use in every time. Make sure that the e-liquid can be pumped out in same day. If you need to place for a long time. Then unscrew the atomizer, throw away the e-liquid inside.


At the end of the day, all bottom airflow tank will leak in some degree. Those among the most popular ones are no exception either (Smok Prince, Uwell Valyrian, HorizonTech Falcon, Freemax Mesh and Sub Ohm Tank).

The only way to completely prevent leaking is to use top airflow tank. The juice has no where to go except stay put in your tank unless you flip the tank up side down.

Here is the list of a few top airflow tank we have: