E-Juice for Fall

E-Juice for Fall

What are the flavors you crave for when it's Fall? Is it a cup of pumpkin spice latte, the scent of cinnamon, or caramel apple? As the crisp Autumn air carries in, we want to bring you the coziness with taste of Fall. See the complete list HERE.

Apple Flavors

  • Apple by The One E-Juice, the latest, and arguably the greatest addition to The One family is finally here! Crisp Fuji apples baked into warm cinnamon donuts and dunked in ice cold milk. 

  • Bad Apple by Bad Drip blends the delicious taste of ripe red apples and Granny Smith apples. The combination of these flavors offer the vaper a delicate blend of sweet and sour flavors.


  • Fuji Apple Nectarine by Charlie's Chalk Dust is an exclusive assortment of crisp Fuji apples, sweet wild strawberries, and juicy nectarines. Collectively, the balance of fruit flavors works together immaculately, and results in a burst of mouthwatering fruit taste that you will love at first vape. You will surely be pleased with the authenticity of the fruit flavors, with absolutely no artificial taste whatsoever. 

  • Fall E-Liquids' Apple Caramel Muffin will certainly make it feel like they are. On inhale you are hit with a barrage of fall flavors that'll have you carving a pumpkin in the middle of July if need be. Crisp, ripe apple drizzled with tasty caramel is met with fresh baked muffin flavor that combines together to form a flavor that is out of this world.

Pumpkin Flavors

  • Pumpkin Cookie by Sad boy is the vape juice that is perfect for Fall. The taste of pumpkin pie is so authentic in this vape juice you will feel as if you're eating a family dinner. This vape juice takes the taste of pumpkin pie and adds a hint of cinnamon spice to keep you coming back for more and more. 

  • Fall E-Liquids' Pumpkin Spice e-juice has got you covered. Pumpkin pie, freshly baked, is combined with espresso, a creamy milk undertone, and finally a hint of whipped cream. All these fall flavors combine to bring you a delicious treat that will have you ringing in the hoodie weather in style.

Cinnamon Flavors


Ginger Flavors

Caramel Flavors

  • Sweet Caramel Tobacco by Salt Bae is a true match made in heaven. Strong, deep tobacco is mellowed out by the sweet, buttery taste that brings out the best of its natural, earthy flavor. Inhale for a silky smooth, seductive blend that's a staple in any vape juice collection. Classy and sophisticated, this flavor will become a frequently used juice in your daily routine.


  • Starcloud by Space Jam is a satisfying blend of natural and artificial caramel apple and juicy pear flavors.

Warm Dessert Flavors

  • Marshmellow Milk by The One is a unique blend capturing the essence of a light fluffy marshmallow topped with a light dusting of cinnamon crumbs.

  • Maple Butter by Coastal Clouds is a taste of light and fluffy pancakes with a swirl of melted butter, and as you exhale, you will gush thick clouds of pure maple syrup flavor. Take a trip to a cozy mountain lodge without ever leaving your seat with every taste of Maple Butter e-liquid.

  • Ugly Butter by Bad Drip is a spot on delicious fired dough carnival treat. The inhale kicking in with a banana pudding and dough mix.