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FDA to ban flavored cartridges, what next?

Posted on January 03 2020

FDA on January 2, 2020 announced a partial ban on flavored cartridges as part of its effort to reduce the soaring rate of teenage vaping. The ban will restrict the sale of all flavored cartridges except menthol and tobacco ones. It is still unclear that if this ban includes disposable device but we will keep you updated on any news coming up. The ban is set to take effect a month from now.

While it may appear to be a victory for open systems, all manufacturers still face a May deadline to submit premarket tobacco applications (PMTAs) or remove products from the market. The deadline, imposed by a federal judge last year, is the subject of a lawsuit by the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), and an appeal by the FDA. Although President Trump described the action as temporary, it isn’t. The products cannot return to the market without an approved premarket tobacco application (PMTA) from the FDA. While all vaping products will be forced to submit PMTAs by May 11, the flavored pods affected by today’s action will not receive a one-year grace period to sell products after their manufacturers submit PMTAs.They must be granted premarket approval before ever being sold again.


  • Kathy Connelly: July 15, 2020

    I’ joined CASAA and I donate $10 a month towards this cause! We ALL have opinions because we vape. I’m 63 stopped smoking then and now! I’m so pissed!! All CASAA does is incredible.please join and let our government hear our voices or they will take it away!!

  • Lorry Neff : June 08, 2020

    This is rediculas i smoked for 39 years quit with vaping now i a 15 months tobacco free . Now what unbelievable hopefully they do something different

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