MTL Vapes Explained: An Easy Guide for Beginners

MTL Vapes Explained: An Easy Guide for Beginners

The NCHS brief reported that 4.5% of people use vapes. E-cigarette usage was higher among 18–24-year-olds (11.0%, or 3.4 million) than 25–44 (6.5%) and 45+ (2.0%). Simulating traditional smoking, MTL vapes are more common. User preference surveys show that MTL devices are more popular due to their small form and user-friendly interface for transitioning smokers and discreet use. In this guide, we’ll uncover everything about MTL vape, helping you gain knowledge about MTL vaping.


PynePod 8500 Disposable Vape



MTL Vape Meaning

Mouth-to-lung vape, or MTL vape, draws vapor into the mouth before gulping it into the lungs. It mimics the inhalation action of smoking cigarettes, providing a comparable inhalation rhythm for smokers who are switching to vaping. Higher resistance coils (over 1.0 ohm), tighter airflow, and lower wattage settings provide a more concentrated taste and warmer vapor. MTL devices can work with greater nicotine concentrations, producing less vapor but pleasurable. They have longer battery life and use less e-liquid.



Vape Types

MTL Vape

DTL Vape

Inhaling Style

Similar to smoking a cigarette (mouth-to-lung)

Direct inhaling into the lungs (direct-to-lung)

Flavor Experience

More intense flavor due to higher resistance and lower power

Less intense flavor due to higher airflow and power

Vapor Production

Less vapor compared to DTL

More vapor production

Throat Hit

Stronger throat hit to mimic traditional smoking

Smoother throat hit


Generally considered more user-friendly for beginners

Might require more experience for optimum use

Vape Juice Consumption

Lower consumption due to lower vapor production

Higher consumption due to higher vapor production



What to Consider When Choosing MTL Vape Kits

  1. Types of Vaping Devices

Knowing the differences between cigalikes, pod systems, AIO kits, box mod kits, and vape pen kits is key when choosing an MTL vape device.

  • For smokers switching to vaping, cigalikes are great since they look and feel like cigarettes.
  • Simple and portable pod systems use greater nicotine concentrations or nicotine salts to replicate the pull and throat impact of smoking for MTL vaping.
  • AIO (All-In-One) vapes integrate the battery and tank into a single unit, simplifying setup and upkeep. They are geared towards beginners and experienced vapers.
  • Box mod kits are larger for MTL users who want precise temperature and wattage control but provide more control.
  • Vape pen kits suit vapers who value simplicity and dependability with their straightforward operation and lengthy battery life.

For more about vape types, please read Types of Vape Made Simple: Your Key to Unlocking the Perfect Experience.


  1. PG/VG Ratio

PG is propylene glycol, a thin, odorless, and flavorless liquid, while VG stands for vegetable glycerin. The PG/VG ratio affects MTL vaping taste intensity, throat hit, and vapor output. Higher PG concentrations generate less vapor, rendering MTL vaping inconspicuous. On the other hand, the smoother inhalation and denser vapor of VG might mask tastes and need more force to evaporate. MTL vapers like 50/50 or 60/40 PG/VG because PG carries flavors better and provides a smoking-like throat impact.


  1. Airflow Setting

MTL vape devices' draw resistance and taste concentration depend on airflow adjustment. Optimal MTL vaping requires tighter airflow settings to replicate cigarette airflow. Users may customize their vaping experience while narrowing the airflow route, which concentrates taste and gives a greater throat impact, like smoking. A little looser airflow may lower throat hit strength and offer a cooler vape, which some users may prefer for a calm experience.


  1. Coil Resistance

The norm for MTL vaping is increased coil resistance. These coils evaporate e-liquid at a lower temperature and use less power. It preserves the e-liquid's subtle tastes and provides a pleasing throat impact without excessive vapor. A high-ohm coil restricts vapor production. Adjusting the power output and coil resistance lets you customize the vaping experience for warmth, taste, and intensity.



Best MTL Vapes in 2024

  1. PynePod 8500 Disposable Vape

Vaporider offers the PynePod 8500, a top MTL vape. Its 550mAh battery and 3.7v voltage provide an effortless vaping experience. It's built for performance and supports 8500 puffs at low wattages and 6000 puffs at high wattages. Vapers preferring a dependable, high-capacity disposable vape will love the PynePod 8500's draw-activated fire mechanism and Type-C USB interface for charging.

PynePod 8500 Disposable Vape


  1. Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit Rechargeable Battery Replaceable – 9000 Puffs

The Off-Stamp SW9000 redefines MTL vapes with its design and tech capabilities. This gadget features a 1000mAh disposable pod, which combines the integrated battery capacity of its 200mAh disposable pod with the magnetic connection of its 800mAh battery. In this way, you'll never worry about being without power. Furthermore, the USB Type-C charging port increases convenience. Eco-friendly and powerful, the Off-Stamp SW9000 gives an unrivaled vaping experience with 9000 puffs and 5% nicotine.

Off-Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit Rechargeable Battery Replaceable



  1. Lost Mary MO5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape

Our MTL vape collection's Lost Mary MO5000 is exquisite. It has a 1.2-ohm mesh coil and 13.5 mL e-liquid capacity. It charges quickly with a 500mAh rechargeable battery and USB-C. The MO5000, rated for 5000 puffs, has a loose MTL draw, quick-firing, and silent operation. Vapers who value workmanship, efficiency, and ease appreciate its unique qualities.

Lost Mary MO5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape



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