New Year,New Goal! HELP A SMOKER QUIT!

Eleaf iCare 1.8mL 15W 650mAh All-In-One Starter Kit

We all know someone who smokes. My family smoked, so I started smoking. They didn’t force me or anything, it was just there. Luckily in our generation we have more options to help get off cigarettes, also the e-cig industry has grown to help as well. There are now kits to help with the “visual craving” of a “cloud”, which is something I craved more than nicotine itself, like the Tesla Stealth 40 watt kit, Aspire Pockex or the Smok Vape Pen 22. You can also go the other way if they just want the nicotine. Kits like the Eleaf iCare and iCare mini. These kits have no buttons to worry about, just draw and it fires.

Kits like these are easy and simple to use. Perfect for people who are trying to or want to quit. So this holiday season, if you have someone special that wants to get of those stinky cigarettes, consider these kits, or kits like these. They don’t over complicate things so they will be more likely to stick with it!