Tobacco Use Set to Become More Expensive Post Budget Release: 2019

Tobacco Use Set to Become More Expensive Post Budget Release: 2019

March 11, 2019, saw the White House Office of Management and Budget Acting Director, Russ Vought, released the President’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. Donald Trump’s “A Budget for a Better America” is more than just a political document. The Republican President putting his focus on e-cigarettes is a fascinating, yet foreboding turn of events. Industry watchers are perturbed by the focus that e-cigarettes are having on political discourse.

The teen vaping epidemic, and the increasing use of e-cigs have turned into an easy target for government officials. This has resulting in an increased influence of concerned parents to support the chain of events that have escalated to assessing a tobacco user fee on e-cigs.

It's critical to note here that smokers and vapers are rarely vigorously spoken about in the middle and upper income brackets, while drinking rates are the most profound among the educated, high-salary adults. No surprises that there is no call to ban alcohol, regardless of the fact that despite the fact that 13.5 percent of high school students binge drink versus only the 2.4 percent who use electronic vaping products daily.

The user fee is currently collected on 5 classes of tobacco: cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco. The manufacturer pays the charges, however its expense is added to the general cost at which the item is sold to buyers. Sadly, the section in the budget tiled “Tackles the Epidemic of Youth E-Cigarette Use”, says that vapes will be added to the list of the classes of tobacco to ensure that FDA has enough resources to have the capacity to accurately address the current disturbing rise in youth e-cigarette use. In any case, that is not even as alarming as the fact that the aggregate tobacco user fee is proposed to rise by $100 million from its 2019 level of $712 million.

This is perhaps the harshest proposition of a forthcoming restriction on e-cigarettes. Before, there has only been a proposal for flavor ban in New York and e-cig prohibition in California.

In the mean time, vape and e-cigarette manufacturers are doing everything they can go improve the vaping experience, even for those who use this as an approach to stop smoking. So if you think you immediately need a premium vape juice to smoke this news into ashes, reach out to us. Vaporider is your one stop vape store, bringing to the table quality vape products at low prices.